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A WordPress site built to design spec.

The owners of BioAg came to me with an already completed website design from a design agency they hired. They asked me to turn this design deliverable into a fully functioning WordPress based website, and that’s exactly what I did. In other words, they had a set of graphical images showing how the website should look, and I turned that in to a finished web site. While typically I do the website design as well as the construction, I am open to projects of this type.

Working off of the various design files, most in .pdf or .psd, I worked from a modern WP theme for security and stability, and modified it to match the target design very closely. Special considerations were made for responsive mobile views and a unique header and menu layout.

This project included details such as:

  • Production of a fully functioning, responsive and lightweight WordPress website based on an existing design brief.
  • Custom Product Photography of BioAg products. Over 12 different product types photographed, retouched and finalized in three different background choices, white black and transparent.
  • Overcoming various layout challenges introduced by the design.
  • A unique system using a modal pop-up to ask where the user is located, then diverting the user to appropriate pages containing information tailored to their location.
  • A variety of contact and information gathering forms, with Google reCaptcha anti spam system.
  • A form with integrated secure Stripe payment system, and address auto-completion field.
  • Custom fonts, as used in the design. (Not Google fonts.)
  • Password protected page for Dealers. Including a full range of product photos for press and marketing.
  • Blog category and pages.

My final thoughts:

I’ve done a few WordPress sites built to design spec. Each one has been challenging and rewarding, and this one was no different. The end result here is an attractive modern website that is very functional.

The highlight of this project for me was shooting the product photography. I shot all the product at my home studio with up to three speedlights carefully positioned for the needs of each product size and shape. After nailing the perfect lighting, I took the images and spent time editing them to perfection in Adobe Photoshop. I removed blemishes, oddities in the packaging and tiny dust and debris until the images were as impeccable as possible. I then removed the backgrounds and produced high resolution finals with pure white, pure black and transparent backgrounds.

These product shots proved valuable to BioAg for website, promotional and marketing use.

What the client said:

“quote here”

Rogue EasyWeb Web Design Case Study: BioAg

The entire site was built to match the pre-existing design deliverable.

Rogue EasyWeb Web Design Case Study: BioAg

Everything from the layout to buttons to  forms to fonts all match the client’s design.

Rogue EasyWeb Web Design Case Study: BioAg

I did product photography for BioAg, producing clean and professional product images.

Rogue EasyWeb Web Design Case Study: BioAg

A modal popup directs users to the correct information page based on their location.