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Force a website to refresh the cache

“Force” a website to refresh the cache and show updates

Being a web designer, I know that problems with browser cache preventing clients from seeing my updates is a continual issue. For people that don't know what is going on, it can seem baffling that I tell them their new updates are finished, yet when they visit the site, nothing…

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Why I chose Pancacke App for self hosted invoicing

Why I chose Pancake App for my self hosted invoicing software.

Updated April 2020. Originally published September 2014. As a web-designer and an independent contractor, I have always had a need to generate attractive invoices and keep track of projects. For years I simply used Microsoft Word to create an invoice. Almost  7 years ago now, I purchased and started using…

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How do I make a web site? A step by step guide.

How do I make a web site? A step by step guide. If you have ever wondered, "how do I make a web site?", then this article is for you. I will attempt to guide you through the process assuming you are an absolute beginner. What is the internet? The…

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Free Stock Photography and Stock Image Websites

As a designer, often an occasion will arise where all of a sudden I need a certain image, of a certain subject, with certain colors and I need it fast. Project budgets, not to mention my own budget, don't always allow me to pay for commercially licensed photography and images.…

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