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A redesigned website for A Greener World

I started working with A Greener World in 2017. I started out doing consulting, website maintenance and updates to their two existing websites. Soon, they decided that they wanted to take the two websites, both of which were aging in design and functionality, and combine them in to one new website. This was a large task that took some considerable development time. I worked closely with the good people at AGW to consolidate and re-structure their content while also doing a website redesign. The redesign followed the standard full redesign workflow with multiple design mock-up iteration phases before landing on our chosen final design. I then built the design out in WordPress using a trusted, modern and flexible theme as a base.

The new design is of course responsive for mobile devices. We also wanted to make the layout more expansive and with a menu system that would facilitate instant access to all pages on the site. We used an interesting two level menu, which prioritized the top level items though color and position. A “mega menu” system allows prioritization and quick visual recognition of important items, as seen in the Certifications drop down.

I continue to provide updates and improvements for A Greener World, as their online platform is always evolving and improving. More recently, I completely upgraded their product directory, a cornerstone of their website. The old directory lacked certain functions and was not user friendly. The new search is quite powerful with the ability to filter by product type, outlet type, certification type and automatic geolocation.

Project details include:

  • Working closely with AGW team members on the site redesign.
  • Clean and modern site design with unique menu layout.
  • Complete overhaul of the map based product directory, with many improvements. Imported (moved) thousands of listings.
  • On site shopping cart with Woocommerce.
  • Custom pop-ups and mailing list integration.
  • Providing continual support and communication with AGW staff, including pre-recorded tutorial videos.
  • I helped train staff members on usage of the new site’s page editing tools using recorded tutorials and other communication.
  • Cloned the site into two sister sites for AGW’s global online presence representing the United Kingdom and South Africa. Customization of these sites to suit specific needs.
  • Lots more, too much to list!

My final thoughts:

When I think back to the original website(s) AGW had, I’m proud of how much progress has been made for AGW’s online presence. AGW is an organization with many moving parts, and I’m glad the site I’ve built can accommodate their needs.

The new directory was a big win, and is one of the most used parts of the website, according to traffic stats.

AGW has been and continues to be great to work with.

Client feedback:

“quote here”

Rogue Easy Web Case Study A Greener World

The re-design uses a full width layout with a two-tier menu and image based heading backgrounds.

Rogue Easy Web Case Study A Greener World

Images within the menu draw attention to items of importance and assist with quick visual recognition.

Rogue Easy Web Case Study A Greener World

The completely re-designed map based directory houses thousands of entries, and has several search filters.

Rogue Easy Web Case Study A Greener World

I re-designed the blog section of the site for a cleaner and easier to read experience.