Rogue Easyweb offers a full range of web design services.

Rogue Easyweb offers a broad range of services ensuring that your project’s goals can be met. I stay up to date on current technologies and web trends, and I’m always trying to improve my work and take it to the next level.

Please see the list of services below to get a sense of my skill-set. And if you don’t see something, please don’t hesitate to ask me about it.

I specialize in clean, modern, attractive and easy to use web pages!

Responsive layouts for any screen size available.
Rogue EasyWeb offers:
  • Full service web design from start to finish. Hand made graphics and hand edited code.
  • Web Hosting and Domain Names
  • Client Editable Websites. Want to be able to change the content on your website? I can set that up. I provide custom installations of Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla.
  • General Graphic Design. Logos, Business Cards, Image Editing and Touch-up or just contracted GUI front-end design to be assembled elsewhere.
  • Forum / Message Board setup.
  • Shopping Carts. From a Pay-Pal solution site to a full on-site transaction merchant account enabled shopping cart, I can help you get your products online and selling.
  • WebLogs. From simple and cheap to heavily modified, Weblogs have become the most important on-line tools for easy self promotion, while still remaining simple to use.
  • Continuous maintenance “dedicated webmaster” services. Let me take care of your site for those monthly updates or cutting edge additions.
  • Live Streaming “Internet Radio” 24/7. Broadcast to the whole world!
  • 3-D “Virtual Tour” Panoramas. I can photograph on location for a “3-d view” right on a webpage.
  • 3D Modeling and Product Visualization. I can model and render out objects and scenes for that slick professional look.
  • Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask!
The standard Rogue Easyweb website package includes:
  • I personally work with you every step of the way, from consultation to design to content and launch, making sure the project stays on track, and getting you the product you need.
  • Websites are (often / optional) based on the WordPress blogging platform. WordPress allows you to edit your own content, changes pages and create blog posts. The interface is similar to a word processing program. After the project is completed, I can still assist with technical additions and changes, at my hourly rate.
  • I can offer “Responsive” designs to adapt to any screen size including mobile and tablets.
  • With your feedback, I can custom tailor the look and feel of the website to suit your needs. I can take your creative vision and make it a reality, or, run with a concept and come up with a site design for you. We work together during the design phase to make sure things turn out looking right.
  • Taking your content and chosen menu items, I setup the website and enter the content. Care is taken to format and arrange content.
  • A blog section is optional and available.
  • Goodies like social media sharing, image gallery, a contact form or a calendar are all options.
  • “On-Site” SEO optimization helps you get a head start on your Google search engine rankings. Specifically, this means custom Meta tags, Alt tags and coding.

Need more? Just ask! I can also add a Shopping cart, Forum message board, custom logo design, business card design, brochure design and more!

What are you waiting for, contact me about your project today!

Technical Mumbo-Jumbo

For those who want to know, here’s what’s behind the scenes. I generally use CSS2/3 based layouts with tables only when absolutely necessary. With CSS3 and HTML5 just around the corner, I am incorporating those new tricks as they become reliable. I test sites in the latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. I am comfortable in a LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP) environment, installing scripts, troubleshooting and navigating the database. I do not hand code PHP or Javascript, thought I do have trusted contacts to partner with for such occasions. I hand edit all code in notepad++. Please ask if you have further questions about specific technical requirements.

What is a Web Host?

A web host is a computer connected to the internet that you rent space on so that the world can see your website on the internet. Web hosts are essential to getting your website online. You just can’t do it without one! Here at Rogue Easy Web I believe that when you pay to have a website designed, that website is then your property to own and control.

If you don’t have a web host yet, I recommend signing up right here with Rogue Easyweb Hosting. The standard service covers everything you should need, and is very reasonably priced. You will get support on things like setting up email addresses directly from me. Best of all, you can have your domain name, web hosting and web design all in one spot right here!

Rogue Easyweb hosting covers the vast majority of websites. However if your site is expecting very large amounts of traffic, please consult with me about dedicated servers and content delivery networks.