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New developments at Rogue Easyweb

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my portfolio, but it’s because I’ve just been too busy! I’ve completed a slew of shiny new websites for a range of interesting clients.

First of all a long standing client wanted a visual makeover and responsive code added to their site which is half WordPress and half Opencart. That meant creating a custom wordpress theme that exactly matched the Opencart site, for a seamless experience. You can check you out at

Another visual makeover took place at At James Michelle Jewellery, we went with a carefully designed responsive layout that fits current trends within their niche. Of course, clean attractive responsive layouts were added for viewing on mobile devices and smaller screens. needed a new look and feel for their site that would be easier to use, responsive and promote their brand. I think we achieved this with a clean open and engaging site.

Summit Community College High School got a brand new site that gives their student the information they need in a clean and easy to digest format, including a calendar and blog section. is an insightful and engaging collection of essays and soon be come Podcasts from author and theologian Brad Carrier. Check it out!

Finally, (not related to the above) is a clean and basic site that showcases the interesting views of a local client in an easy to read and digest format. Also responsive for mobile, of course.

I’ll be adding these sites and more to the portfolio section of this site soon.

In addition to this, I have registered the domain With VR just around the corner, who knows what strange and exciting shapes web sites will be taking in the future. I’m interested in keeping pace with these new developments, and perhaps creating some really exciting stuff, completely unlike the websites of today.



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