I'm an experienced freelance web designer here to bring your web design or graphic design project to reality!

Hi, my name is Tobias Carrier and I provide freelance web design solutions under the name Rogue Easyweb. Originally from the Rogue Valley in southern Oregon, I am now living in Bend, Oregon. I’m happy to live in such a beautiful area and work with the friendly people of the Bend region.

Tobias owner/designer at Rogue EasywebWhile I have almost 10 years of freelance experience under my belt, I started out in a team environment working as a game designer in 1997. There, I got my start with computers and learned photoshop as well as 3d modeling packages such as Studio Max and Maya. The company later transitioned into web design. I learned the ropes, soon got a few side projects and the rest is history. It’s sometimes challenging freelancing as I have to figure out everything on my own but that quickly emerged as a strength as I am now quite resourceful and well rounded.

Highlights over the years have included being the primary webmaster for the site Lordoftherings.com, installing top of the line web cam systems and working for some of the top names in new-age spirituality. I am versed in almost every internet related technology under the sun. I am also aware of the rapidly changing technology involved in this arena, and strive to continuously learn new techniques and methods. For larger projects I may call upon a network of qualified designers to further assist in completing the project on time.

Rogue EasyWeb is located at a home office in Bend, Oregon. I can meet face to face with local clients for ease of communication. I also communicate through phone and e-mail during normal business hours. If you are not within reasonable driving distance of the Bend area, don’t be discouraged from contacting me! I have clients that I have never met face to face, and yet internet, e-mail and telephone contact is quite enough to keep communication clear and concise. You could in fact be on the other side of the world and I could still get the job done.

Design wise, I like to focus on streamlined and easy to use websites instead of crowded and sometimes confusing designs. Often the inherent ease of use and power of the internet is masked behind over-designed and difficult to navigate websites. I strive to carve through that and deliver the simple, yet complete, package. However, I understand that many websites are quite complicated, and require a much higher level of complexity. I can easily rise to that challenge as well.

I generally like to bid on the total cost of a project. I find that this gives the client ease of mind and gives me a scope to work within. The more information I can get about your project, the better I can estimate the cost of the project, so be prepared to have your ideas and goals in order.

I also have an hourly rate in the case of ongoing work or “web mastering” work, where the tasks are too difficult to itemize or too numerous to record. I am happy to be your “go-to” person and ongoing long term business relationships are welcome.